Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Round-Up

Wherein Dennis Miller makes wry remarks about the weeks news. No! Wherein I recap my fascinating weekend including getting Krump at BAM, Corey Feldman's nipples and worshiping at Ralph's porcelin altar. Again.

Friday night met LaHipster and her friend Great Dane. The Dane was very sweet, and she knits, so basically, I was sold. We were going to BAM to see David LaChapelle's Rize (The movie website is recommended; features clips, downloads and bios of the cast). Our trip on the B67 was LaHipster's first time taking a city bus. Sad but true. The bus did not make a good first impression on LaHipster, seeing as how we had to wait about 20 minutes for it to come and then it proceeded at a crawl wich prompted the Hipster to yell at me, "No, seriously. What is wrong with you? I can walk fast than this!!". The return bus trip was redemptive and LH is quite excited about all of the fabulous places the bus will bring her.

Rize is an amazing documentary full of compelling characters and I highly recommend it. It should be in wide release soon.

Saturday night I went to see Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy Starring Corey Feldman solo because all of my friends were out of town, working or pretending that they had better things to do. On the phone shortly before I left for the theater, LH told me to make sure I was wearing clean underwear. I assume this was incase I became so over come by the site of Corey I decided to throw my panties at him. In actuality, I was in possesion of my panties at all times although I was so close to Corey Feldman's nipples at one point that I could have reached out and tweaked them. Do I need to back track here?

Fatal Attraction: The Play is a theatrical parody of Fatal Attraction (the movie) complete with Greek Chorus, musical numbers, and 80's style big hair that practically deserves its own billing. When I tried to explain this to Princess of Darkness she said, "It is almost as if these things exist exclusively for you." Should you go see Fatal Attraction:The Play? Well, if you've ever wondered what a street fight between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close would look like when set to music that could be straight out of the soundtrack from Beverly Hills Cop, then yes, yes you should see this play.

Since I was right by the big movie theater at Union Square, I decided to stop in after the play and catch the late show of Batman Begins. Christian Bale is a sexy beast and is reason alone to see this film.

Sunday: migrane sick, sick, sick culminating with me puking my guts out sometime around 3 am. This time I made it to the bowl. Hooray for me.

Monday, while walking to Prospect Park to try to catch a glimpse of the fireworks, the Princess of Darkness, a Londoner at heart with dual citizenship, declares "This country is f*ed up. You can go to war before you can drink. You can own a gun but you can't own fireworks. I for one am seceeding."

"Well boo freakin' hoo," I respond, enjoying my freedom of speech. "The nation mourns its loss. Oh wait, actually I do think there is a distillery in Kentucky that relies soley on your patronage to stay open."

Soon realizing the only lights we were going to see at the Park were the fireflies and the glowing undercarriages of the low riders, POD saves the day by remembering that she still has her set of keys to the building where she used to rent and we can get up on the roof there. We catch the amazing show while relying on the dark shadows to conceal our faces at the friendly neighbor gathering on the rooftop. I foretell of a future when fireworks take on corporate sponsors and we see the Pepsi logo shot into the sky.

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