Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cupcake gets Hate Mail. Exciting!

So, I have this option set on Blogger where anytime someone posts a comment to this blog I receive email notification. Friday afternoon, right as I was about to leave for the holiday weekend, I received this comment via email: "Not only did that "moron" Libaire get a book deal before you (google "Here Kitty Kitty"), but she also writes for Nerve.com, New York Magazine, Best Life magazine.... She got you beat by a mile, moron. Gag on that."

First thought: huh?

Second thought: someone is pissed at me. Cool.

Third thought: no, seriously, what the hell is this person talking about?

So, I had to go back in Cupcake Mafia history until I found this old post. Here's how I've reconstructed things, this Lroy person, probably a fan of the author if not the author herself, did a little googling, found my post and decided to post something bitchy in hopes of provoking me into a personal attack or making me cry at my desk. Flaw in this plan: I don't take myself at all seriously. For evidence of this claim see the entire rest of this Godforsaken blog.

So congratulations on your book deal, Jardine Libaire, whoever you are. Of course, I won't be reading your forthcoming work, but I'm sure there's enough editorial assistants at Conde Nast hungry for some new beach reading to give you quite the audience. I may never get that book deal- I don' t know if you can call waiting for the Tooth Fairy to leave one under your pillow actively pursuing a contract- but if I do, I hope that what I have to say comes from a deeper place than where I did my 9-12.


A said...

I've noticed a recent spat of articles in the realpolitick lately about blogging being on the way out, and also read a Doonesbury strip about bloggers eatting catfood. Your commenter must be highly suggestable by the "legit" press with no sense of humor whatsoever. Sad for them. I'm off for more Meow Mix!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cupcake,

I am not Ms. Libaire, but am an acquaintance. You called her an "aspiring writer" and "moron" in a public forum without justification. As one who is familiar with Ms. Libaire and knows that she is an "accomplished writer" and is in fact very bright, I countered your implication by pointing out a couple of her accomplishments in the literary field. Do some research, read her work, and then make an educated comment. These blogs, message boards, forums - these all make it so easy for people like you to talk shit. Sometimes I just can't let the personal insults slide.