Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Quality Time With the Roommates

Princess of Darkness: If I set you up with someone, would you go out with him?
Cupcake: No, probably not.
POD: Because you don't trust me as a human being?
Cupcake: No, I'm all for set-ups. But I told you, I've just lost my taste for dating.


L'Ingenue: What's going on in there?
POD: I'm replacing Nancy's lightbulb and she's going to repay me in Birth Control Pills.
Cupcake: No. I told you that you can have a Twizzler.
L'Ingenue: Can I have a Twizzler?
Cupcake: Yes.
POD: Can I have another Twizzler? How many Twizzlers can I have?
Cupcake: Clearly you don't read my blog...

POD: So [this guy] has a younger brother who is moving to New York...
Cupcake: Nah.
POD: Why? What's the problem?
Cupcake: It won't work out. I know it. I am just not anybody's type.
POD: Oh my God, she's given up.
L'Ingenue: What? Nancy's given up?
Cupcake: I give up.
L'Ingenue: Don't give up.
Cupcake: I give up. I'm thinking about joining a convent.
POD: What? You can't have God as your second choice! That's not how it works!

Then Princess of Darkness made a comment about how the nuns probably keep themeselves busy, things degenerated very quickly, I suggested we all needed some time apart. Scene.

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Simone said...

You are hysterical!! I love it!! :) This sounds like a fun conversation that I've had with random friends...Hmm I told someone the other day that I was going to be a nun...I then proceeded to tell them how I would get kicked out for corrupting them...