Sunday, May 15, 2005

Damn you, Twizzlers!

Do you know what happens when you eat too many Twizzlers? I do.

Here's two words I bet you never associated with each other: "strawberry" "constipation"


ravingloon said...

I made roasted beets the other night. I had a theory when I was eating them, and guess what? I was right; red food = red business.

Carissa said...

Try eating some Superman ice cream.

It's that kind that you had as a kid, tasted like vanilla, but looked like red, yellow, green, and blue play-doh.

Makes for some VERY colorful business.

Cupcake said...

This is pretty embarassing, and I should probably be posting under "anonymous" for this but one time, in college, I went through a period of pooping green. Bright green. St. Patrick's Day green. It was very disconcerting.

Vanessa said...

Twizzlers definitely will clog you up!