Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Since this is a Blog about Cake...

And since you brought it up, albeit with tongue in cheek, no, German Chocolate Cake is not German. Say what? Here's a blurb on this matter from About.com:

The term "German chocolate cake" was actually derived from German's Sweet Chocolate, a brand name that isn't German either. According to spokespeople from Kraft Foods/General Foods, a man named Sam German, working for the Baker's Chocolate Company, developed a bar of sweet baking chocolate in 1852. The new product bore the name of its inventor: Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate. But the first known published recipe for a cake using German's Sweet Chocolate appeared in a Dallas newspaper in 1957. As time went by, the name of the popular cake recipe—using Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate or Baker's Sweet Chocolate—was shortened to "German chocolate cake."

Still jonesing for a cake fix? Check out this site, entirely devoted to German Chocolate Cake. And should you be interested in trying out a recipie, feel free to send some cupcakes my way. German Chocolate Cake may not be German, but it is notable in my apartment for being my roommate L'Ingenue's favorite cake. Also, I have not been known to turn down a slice.

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ravingloon said...

I really like that you devoted a whole post to responding to one of my oldest and dumbest jokes. Thanks! :)