Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fourth of Schmuly in Schmassachusetts

Balancing the Equation
Pedicure + Sangria + Hammock + Lake = Happy Cupcake

So, this week I took a quick dash up to Western Mass for the Fourth of July, a mid-week holiday commemorating the opening of a Halliburton Gas n' Go on the remote island nation of Tuvalu. My compatriots on this wild adventure were Alphabets and Ruby, a psycho obsessive Chihuahua-Pinscher Foundling mix. Now, Ruby isn't Alphabet's dog, she was just dog sitting for a friend, but we had a dog carrier and we were going to the country where some extra dog shit would hardly be noticed, so we packed up a Zip Car and headed north.

We arrived at the new home of LaHipster and her man Silent H who owns a house on a beautiful lake in a place called Belchertown. This is all true. Unfortunately, none of us had realized that Ruby had fallen desperately in love with Alphabets, I couldn't tell if this was transference because Ruby's Mama was out of town and so Ruby was attaching herself to the person Mama had entrusted her to, or if this was just old fashioned red-hot inter-species love, but it got old very fast. Ruby stuck to to Alphabet's side, constantly trying to get up on her lap, snarled at other dogs and snapped if anyone else tried to get near Alphabets, man or beast.

Alphabets and her white-hot lover. You can't see it, but that dog has her paw down Alphabet's t-shirt.

LaHip and Silent H launch the Water Trampoline.

The Lady of the Lake surveys her watery estate.

Terrier with a Mohawk. That's how they roll in Belchertown.

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