Saturday, July 07, 2007

July, July!

More photos from the Fourth on the Lake.

This is Alphabets making her "more coffee" face. We slept downstairs on Aero Beds with Bet's little shadow. This meant that every hour or so, Ruby would get up, run around, jump on my bed, jump on Alphabet's bed, hump Alphabet's pillow, fart, etc... According to Alphabets, this would cause me to toss out a couple of very profane words to the dog in my sleep, then giggle, and turn over. I don't recall it as a particularly restful night.

Soggy Cupcake. This proves it - not a witch!

Ruby before she acquired the taste for human blood. Later we were having a delightful brunch at the neighbor's house, and Ruby bit a sweet, chill Lesbian. Bad. Reports were that the terrier with the Mohawk may have started the fight. That was about the point when I stopped sticking up for Ruby. Plus, after your dog bites someone, it is correct Brunch etiquette that you exit the event, and I had my eye on some leftover cold pancakes. That bitch ruined everything.

Silent H demonstrates the water trampoline.

Attempts to lose Ruby in the current were unsuccessful. This was particular distressful because she had picked up a nasty smell, and I kept imaging the four hour car ride back with her. LaHip described Ruby's smell as if she had been rolled in chopped onions, and then marinated in "Garlic feces poo". We briefly considered substituting a 2-quart Ziploc bag for her pet carrier on the ride home.

There were lots of other nice friends and neighbors at the lake, but I guess I didn't take any photos of them.

Alphabets and I had to get back on the road pretty early, because we are poor schmucks with jobs. By the time we left, it was already pouring rain in Massachusetts. Driving home, we chased the fireworks. From the highways, if we hit a patch of low tree-line we could see fireworks in Connecticut, but the best show was coming over the bridges when we could see both the Macy's Fireworks and scatterings of other NYC and Jersey fireworks. Jenny Lewis's Rabbit Fur Coat was playing on the car CD Player. Then as we drove through the Bronx and Queens, we were witness to lots of amatuer fireworks displays. Shadowy figures tossing fuses were visible through the smoke and I expected casings to land on the hood of the Nissan, but it was thrilling. Traffic was slow and the air was heavy, but it was still pretty much perfect.

There is a road that meets the road
That goes to my house
And how the green grows there
And we've got special boots
To beat the path to my house
And it's careful and it's careful when I'm there


jesse said...

I hate to be one of those bland lol commenters who do nothing but affirm your sense of self-worth but I just wanna say that these 4th of July posts are gangbusters! You still got it, Ms. Cake.

p.s. did you know that a former prostitute named Cupcake Brown works at my law firm? Google her.

Cupcake said...

Oh, I know all about Cupcake Brown, don't you worry ...

It was the photo of the terrier with a mohawk that did it for you, wasn't it?