Monday, November 06, 2006

I laughed, I cried. And then I was just crying.

So I won't tell you where I'm going to be working, but I can tell you it's not Bank of America/ MBNA. Still that didn't help with the icky feeling I got after watching this clip, celebrating the merger of the two companies making them the largest issuer of Credit Cards in the US.

Within the first minute I was actually cackling with laughter, and then I was like, oh wait, I am almost kind of tangentially a part of this very strange world.

Things that would have made this song better:

1. Dude, I can't believe they missed, "You've got to, carry that balance, carry that balance."

2. I kept waiting for Bono to show up and scissor kick one of those guys to the head.

Seriously, you have to watch this. I laughed so hard I peed. I don't even know where to begin.

Update: Ah! Where's my funny little video clip? Am I getting the kibash by Bank of America? Bite you, B of A! Know what's in my wallet? A JP Morgan Chase Visa card, that's what! Well, as much as I hate Gawker, you can still watch the video there, last time I checked.


cc said...

This makes me feel very funny inside. And not the good happy.
Oh my god, it's awful and it goes on and on!

Chris said...

My favorite part of this is the facial expressions. I kept waiting for the guy to lick the mic like David Lee Roth.

Cupcake said...

How many times do you think this guy's wife had to listen to him rehearse this?

Have you noticed that no one in the audience is laughing? It's like they're all on board, yeah man, we're one bank now! One bank! Carry each other! Capital One sucks!

shaftbean said...

we both posted the same thing on the same day.

jesse said...

I made that last comment. why'd it call me shaftbean?

jesse said...

okay, watch it on my blog, then hit pause. a little button will appear that says "get the code for this video." hit the button, copy and paste, you're golden.

Cupcake said...

Why did it call you shaftbean? Hell if I know, but I'm not one to argue with blogger, SB.