Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Signs you are getting old. And lame.

Thought that kept me awake last night:

So if I had just made it one more year with Die Bank, my Employer contribution to my 401(k) would have been vested. But would it have been worth it? Damn, I love my hot little 401(k). Don't worry, baby. Momma's gonna roll you over real soon.


SecretySquirrel said...

Ironically, when I got laid off last year, my end date was 2 days after my anniversary date. Made the difference between 20 and 60 percent vesting. :)

Paula said...

At least you are contributing! At my first job out of college I felt like I couldn't afford to do it. Years later I went to a lecture that Suzy Ormand gave and she had this chart that showed how much money you wound up with if you started contributing at 24 and how much you essentially "lost" if you started in your 30's. By this time I was past 30 and I completely panicked. I was depressed for weeks. Still kind of bugs me but oh well!