Friday, June 09, 2006

She Gets A-Roundabout

Thanks Germans, for not bothering to mention that the word for "traffic" can also mean "sex". So yesterday when I tried to say, "I've been getting a lot more traffic around here ever since I put these chocolates on my desk," what I actually said was "I've been having a lot more sex at my desk ever since I put these chocolates out." Thanks. Frau Foxtrot nearly fell on the floor laughing.

Thanks Blogger, for being such a useless butt wipe these past few days.

And thanks Congress for once again attempting to cut the funding for NPR and PBS. (!!)

Really, everyone, thanks. You've been great.


AJWP said...

This is my favorite botched German story so far. LOVE it!

the belligerent intellectual said...

The opportunity for misinterpretation hilarity is endless.

You: "Sorry I can't come, but the traffic is awful."

TRANSLATION: "Sorry I can't come, but the sex is awful."

Only in Germany . . .

Joshua said...

Hey, are your Germans freaking out about the World Cup?!?