Monday, June 19, 2006

Here I am with Alphabets. Alphabets is my homegirl becuase she is the only person who enjoys my Audioblogger posts. I always said you had taste, Alphabets. We wore the exact same skirt to LaHipster's party. Don't worry, though, we played it off real smooth. This little fashion faux pas did lead to a few awkward scenes, however.

Party Guest: Hi, LaHipster said I should come over and introduce myself to the girl in the purple skirt. She said we really must meet.

Cupcake: You're looking for a tall, successful woman, a real dynamo with the gents?

Party Guest: hesitant Yes...

Cupcake: Okay, you want the other girl in the purple skirt. Over there by the cheese plate. I'm the dilettante cake-eater. Don't worry. Honest mistake, we're wearing the same skirt.


Beta said...

I have to admit that I haven't heard your audio posts yet even though I REALLY REALLY want to. The main reason (and a pretty legit one at that) is because I usually read your posts at work and I'm afraid to be caught listening to an audio blog post at my desk. Why am I not afraid of being caught READING blog posts? Because I'm suave at minimizing them in risky situations, but I can't listen to things so clandestinely. ;)

And thanks for the thank-you card cupcake! It made my day to see that you appreciated the bohemian musik!

LaHip said...

The hottest women in my life.

TomatoRed said...

hey, i think your audio posts are TERRIFIC!