Monday, June 19, 2006

Here are the delicious mini lemon-coconut cupcakes I made for LaHipster's party.

And here I am with LaHipster. We are one odd couple. It looks like we're sharing a tender moment, but I can assure you that either shortly before or shortly after that photo was taken, she was shaking her fist and yelling, "To the moon, Martinez," or something like that. That guy in the background is at all of LaHip's parties and I still have no idea who he is, but I bet he lives in Williamsburg.


Joshua said...

Cupcake, I have a dentists apt today. I'm scared, I haven't been in five years and I had a lot of oreos last night.


Cupcake said...

Josh, going to the dentist is very scary, and yet my dentist says that showing up for your appointment drunk is not a good idea. Here's my advice: be a big baby. This is no time for valor or heroics, my friend. Show your dentist just what a big scaredy cat you are. Wear your terror on your sleeve. Then, if you do need to go back for a cavity filling, maybe they will prescribe Valium for your next appointment.

I'm writing my dentist a thank-you note right now. If your dentist is anything less than sympathetic, let me know and I will give you the number of my dentist. She all but held my head and cooed lullabyes to me.

Joshua said...

Apparently mine is awful-all my co-workers go there and say they try to get you to do uneccesary things.

I may just take you up on that, but I'll give this guy a chance first.


LaHip said...

He's from the UES, you twit.

Also, send me a Flickr link to these. I want them.

Cupcake said...

Nobody lives on the UES. It's an urban myth.

Josh, unnecessary things like an oil change you don't really need or unnecessary things like, 'now, unzip your fly'?

Joshua said...

Both...but it went ok. I took your encouraging words and willed my teeth to pretend to be healthy and disease free.