Sunday, June 11, 2006


Unfortunately, my camera isn't syncing to my computer right now, so I can't upload any photos of the blingin' cupcakes I brought to LaHipster's party on Saturday night, but as promised here is the recipie.

For the cake, I used the Queen of Cupcake's lemon cake recipie with the following substitution: instead of a half a cup of lemon juice, I squeezed in the juice of one lemon and added one box of lemon instant pudding.

The frosting was based on Kari's Magic Cupcake Delight Frosting. I added some lemon juice to the frosting and then to get these cupcakes ready to party, I also mixed in some hot pink coarse crystal sugar. Bling!

Walking to LaHipster's apartment, I was carrying my 24 mini-cupcakes in my cupcake carrier with a cupcake stand in my tote bag because, lo, that is how I roll. Even though the night was cool, I was wearing a new skirt and tank, because LaHip had already reminded me twice to wear something cute and sexy. As I was crossing the street, some guy rolled down the window of his car and yelled at me, "Can I get some? Can I get some?" Mildly offended, I turned around open mouth to give him the finger before I realized, 'oh, he wants a cupcake.'

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