Monday, May 08, 2006

You May Have Already Won

The 50,000th Visitor to the Czech National Bank Exhibition. This blog shares a huge cross-over audience with them.


You are the 50,000th Visitor to this web log. To claim your prize, simply send me an email with your home address, social security number, major credit card number plus expiration date, shoe size and most embarassing sexual fantasy.

Seriously, 50,000 hits? It boggles the mind. I think there must be a lot more readers than the regular commentators. So if you're a long time reader and comment virgin why not take this momentous occasion to announce yourself. If you're stupid, we'll just ignore you. There's nothing to lose. Tonight I will begin working on trying to figure out how to produce my own podcast with the helpful links LeBrookski provided.

New contest alert: if we as Americans can produce a week in the year 2006 in which The DaVinci Code does not appear on the New York Times Bestseller List, I will mail mail all of my readers a check for $5.00 US. Two ways to win: sometime before the end of the year we have a week in which Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code appears on neither the Hardcover nor Paperback bestseller list OR we have a week in which The DaVinici Code does not appear on the hardcover bestseller list, nor are there any books on that list concerning Opus Dei, The Knights Templar or anything with the words "Jesus" and "Code" in the title. So, to win this one you don't acutally have to do anything, but there are some things you can do to increase your odds of winning. For example, you can buy a lot of books that are not The DaVinci Code. Or, you can crouch by the register at your favorite Barnes and Noble or airport bookseller and when you see someone intending to purchase The DaVinci Code, you can jump up and club them to death before they have the chance to complete the sale. I believe that both of these courses of action will make America a better place. Because quite honestly, everytime I read the Times Book Review these days, I want to punch a wall. Also, the Princess of Darkness was published in the New York Times again- it was a bad week for persistent nausea all around.

Other notable things that happened today, the day this blog broke 50,000: I experienced a FedEx eclipse wherein my primary FedEx Guy and my secondary FedEx Guy burst into my office within seconds of each other, dropped packages on my desk and shoved their sign boxes in my face, and, looming over me, each goaded me to sign for their package first, thereby blocking out the flurescent lighting for 15 seconds and producing a glowing halo around their persons. Fortunately, I knew enough not to look directly at this phenomen.


Kari said...

WOW! 50,000 is awesome! I just looked and I appear to be 50,082.

Also, there is a podcast on the iTunes directory about podcasting, how to start etc. You might want to give them a listen.

Joshua said... see...the thing is...I just bought a paperback copy of the Davinci code on Friday. You were a little late with this post, eh? I wanted to read it before I saw the movie.

Also, why was POD in the Times. We need to see this article!

AJWP said...

Hey Cupcake, congratulations on 50,000 hits! Also, I'm so into the $5 freebie. Down with The DaVinci Code!

Gibson said...

Have you seen the Family Guy where Stewie reads DVC?

gallagb said...

cupcake- i'm desperately missing you
which fedex guy got it first?
either of them cute?
fresh pasta has gone down hill
but i have found other places to eat
drop an e-mail sometime eh?


lebrookski said...

weeeeee!!!!!! here's to 50,000 more...

to answer your question about podcasting...i haven't created my own really...well, nothing that i've uploaded and shared with the world, save for a few answering machine messages from my brother that i set to music. however, i've used recording software along with my microphone (which is not fancy, just a $15 headset plus mic from Radio Shack) to make some personalized radio show-type music mixes for people as gifts. i've also used to upload and store audio. i'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have (to the best of my ability) email is: problem hyphen kind at gmx dot net (with the appropriate symbols and no spaces, of course)

Cupcake said...

Fresh Pasta Boy,

You can't say I didn't give you ample opportunity three years ago. Does this mean you've left the Illanoise? I'll drop a note and check in.

To answer your question, although I don't really find either of my FedEx Guys attractive, I signed with my Primary FedEx guy first, the one that spent the first year of our relationship trying tp pick me up and asking me to speak German to him. Also, he once asked me what was the German for "Devil Dog" and tries to involve me in philosophical debates that are "ripped from the headlines" if you will.