Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Eat That, Gawker Stalker

To celebrate my 50,000th hit, Blogger decided to get in on the festivities and take a holiday and totally stop working. But we're back now. Good job, Blogger.

Today I was walking to work down Lexington Ave. because my normal Starbucks on Third Avenue has been shut down, putting me in the panic-induced state of having to travel four blocks to get to a Starbucks. I came up on the W Hotel. Some black SUVs were waiting to receive guests. Two men of the slightly shady variety were hanging out by the door with a stack of glossy photos. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw two normal looking women emerge. The men approached and asked for their autographs. I turned my head to see if I could recognize the women, I thought maybe they were small time political figures.

One of the women was Nancy McKeen, who played Jo (Little Women ripoff, anyone?) on The Facts of Life. The other woman, wearing a turquoise pants suit, well, I could have sworn it was the woman who played Blair. A convention in town? A reunion in the works? (fingers crossed) I kept walking, restraining my urge to walk up the women and say, "I loved your show. You made it seem like loads of fun to go to an all-girl school! Guess what. It's not."


tablefor4 said...

Wow. That would be amazing to come across ANY celebrity up here. Wouldn't happen in a million years.
About the cupcakes, nope..I didn't make 'em. (wish I had though). I found that pic on another blog filled with cupcakes. :-)

timmmmmmmy said...

The Facts of Life Reunion is ON...at least that's the impression I got from the Today Show this morning.

But just in case it isn't you can sign the petition to make it happen below:


Cupcake said...

I knew you would come through on this one for me, Timmy. So they made an appearance on the Today Show this morning? So that is who I saw. That leaves only one question: where the hell was Tudy??

Policate said...

I saw something in the paper today that says they were celebrating the release of Facts of Life Seasons 1 and 2 on dvd