Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Fate of the Cupcake Family Name

Let's talk about my brother's "job". LittleBrother is in marketing which means he spends his days going to lunches, happy hours, parties and conventions on someone else's dime, however he does have a business card, so I have to assume it is legitimate. Today he forwarded me an internal e-mail from his company inviting everyone to the conference room at 3:00pm today for his company's First Annual St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Eating Contest. Yes. You read that correctly. According to the email, they are looking for 10 challengers to compete in a contest with the following rules:

2 minutes to eat all the cupcakes you can fit in your mouth
16 oz of liquid will be permitted (at users’ discretion)
* Please Note: "You’re the Best Around" will be the soundtrack to this

I am not making this up. I bet ten bucks that the prize is a Video iPod or something else I am dying for. LittleBrother's comment was "maybe you should work here". Hmm, playing a little fast and loose with the word "work" aren't we, LittleBro? I wrote back to my brother and asked if he was going to compete, and I implored him to make me proud. He hasn't responded, which leads me to believe that he is shirking this challenge and is trying to avoid my disappointment. It's probably for the best though because quite honestly, I don't think LittleBrother can eat that many cupcakes. While my tastes have always run towards "sweet", his tastes run to "meat". Possibly if there was a steak eating competition he could be a contender. So maybe it's better that he not throw his sweet tooth into the ring- I wouldn't want him to besmirch the Cupcake family name.

Today at lunch I tried the new Tab Energy Drink because I am a sucker for all things pink. The can is pink, the drink is pink- sign me up. This beverage tastes like a SweetTart, and by that I mean disguisting. If you like the idea of drinking SweetTarts, this soft drink is for you. If you want your body to respect you, and I say this as a person contemplating taking a day off work to go to Connecticut for a cupcake eating contest, do not put this in your body. That is your public service announcement for the day.

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a girl like me said...

Are Sweet Tarts, like Jam Tarts? Because that would be a bit .... :(