Thursday, March 16, 2006

And speaking of credit cards: hotchie motchie! I just saw the Torn-Up Credit Card Application via Beelzebot.

The Daily Dumper weighs in on classic game shows from our childhood here and here. Coincidentially, when I was a young child, my mother's family auditioned to be on Family Fued. They invited my mother to be on the team, probably because she was the smartest person in the family, hands down. My mother declined, because she did not want to go to New York City. I don't recall if it was because of the enormous distance required to travel (3 hours from our home in RI), her fear of all things New York, she couldn't bear to be away form her beautiful children for a day (no, that wasn't it) or if she sensed the entire experience would be a giant embarassment. I think it was a combination of the first two. Needless to say, the family did not have a successful audition without her. Which means that on one side, I actually come from a famaily of Family Feud rejects. Chew on that one.

TheInk writes a post Sheena would approve of. Sorry, "of which Sheena would approve."

And finally, PatriotDave proves my old addage, "Everyone wants a piece of The Nance". Don't worry kids, Minneapolis will get its turn.


Sheena said...

You are correct. I do approve of that post. Heartily, and with verve.

bbrug said...

If you approve of that, you may also have a verveous response to Mr. Slot's not unrelated observations. Do you think he read my post, or was it just coincidence?

"I'd like one tuna fish panini, please." Aaagh!

Sheena said...

I must say, it warms the cockles of my heart to know there are other people who are as deeply troubled by the daily slaughter of our language as I am.

Could be coincidence, as any stickler with a blog finds daily irritation about which they may pontificate (wittily, and vigorously, if I may violate my personal rules about adverbs yet again). Then again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Either way... sticklers unite!

bbrug said...

Absolutely. The daily slaughter of our language is the sort of thing up with which I will not put!