Friday, March 10, 2006


Today when FrauFoxtrot arrived in the office she said, "I have a present for you." She handed me a Pier One shopping bag. "What?" I said.

"I have a present for you, I couldn't wait until Christmas."

'But it's March,' I was thinking, 'and I just had a birthday.' "Oh Frau-y you shouldn't have," I said and I peeked into the bag. There was one cup of Nancy's Organic yogurt and a package wrapped in bright orange paper, tied up with a mini-organge furry boa.

The gift was a copy of Fancy Nancy, which I just heard about. This is a popular new Children's book about a girl named Nancy who loves to be "fancy". She is woefully underwhelmed by her un-fancy family, so she offers to give them lessons in how to be "fancy". It looks like it's a real home-run of a child's picture book. I'm so excited to own a copy. It was a totally sweet and unexpected gift.

And speaking of presents, I was looking through my mail and digging out my keys in my apartment building last night when I tripped over an package for me. It was a birthday present from Bizzy that had been slightly retarded by several trips between New York and Washington courtesy of UPS. Bizzy sent me An Idiot Girl's Christmas by one of our favorite authors, Laurie Notaro whom Powells has not seen fit to interview but this intrerpid blogger has. Good save, blogosphere. Super Idiot thanks, Biz.


Linda said...

Could not believe it when I saw Fancy Nancy in your post!! The kiddies in RI can have Tea w/ her tomorrow. Article was in the Projo yesterday, and thought of you as soon as I saw the book cover!!! Enjoy your gift!

Sheena said...

I experienced a similar excitement when I discovered "Sheena is a Punk Rocker," by the Ramones.

Cupcake said...

As expected, Fancy Nancy and I have a lot in common including pursuing alternate spellings of my name. I hated my name as a child and I figured changing the spelling might help. I am ashamed to say that I signed more than one school assigment "Nanci". Fancy Nancy also considers "Nansee" and some other variation I forget right now.

Also, Fancy Nancy trips in the restaurant while she is carrying a big tray of parfaits. I have been known to trip and send things flying as well. One of my first days of college, I tripped in the dining room while holding a tray and sent chicken, rice and who knows what else flying. About 80 heads turned at once to stare at me. I just sat on the floor and laughed. I think my roommate picked me up.

Clearly, I should be getting a royalty check soon.

seventh ward said... did Laurie Notaro when I Love Everybody came out.

Other than my smittiness, I love your blog.