Monday, March 13, 2006

Cupcake Has Lunch with Dominick Dunne

Actually, I had lunch near Dominick Dunne, but that's probably more than you can say.

Last Friday I was very busy at work at didn't get a chance to go out for lunch until after 2pm. I went to a diner around the corner from my office and it was nearly empty. I sat down and ordered my favorite lunch, grilled cheese with fries and a chocolate milk shake.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a well-dressed man being shown to a table. He was old and moved quite slowly. He sat down at a table across from me. We were facing each other across some empty chairs. I looked up. I looked for five seconds. Yup, that's totally Dominck Dunne. I mean, I know I was wrong about the Vice President, but this time I was sitting close enough to Dunne to see that his hands were manicured.

I blinked. I went back to what I was reading. Mr. Dunne started at me for a minute. I don't think he needed to look at the menu. He ordered a hamburger or something like it. Later he pulled out some magazines. And there we sat, facing each other, eating our lunches alone, and reading.

I thought maybe he would tell the waitress that he wanted to pick up my tab. He did not. We both finished our lunch at the same time. We shuffled around each other putting on coats and paying our checks. It was surreal. Then I left and went back to my office.

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