Friday, February 24, 2006

"I Walked in with You and I'm Going to Walk Out with You"

Danny and Annie Perasa

I heard this story on NPR this morning while I was putting on my make-up. It was totally counterproductive because I just ended up crying it all off. I recomend clicking on the audio links because they copy doesn't scratch the surface here. Have you ever in your wildest dreams envisioned a love like this?

It amazes me that people can care about the comings and goings of Brad and Angelina and Jessica and Nick when there are true tales of romance and beauty all around us.

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AJWP said...

Jesus, way to make me cry! I'm a big NPR geek, and my favorite stories are the ones about regular people. The Perasas are inspirational; I hope that Petunia and I will be as kind and loving to one another when we get older.

AJWP said...

Cupcake, I was just playing the Perasas' story for my wife when I read that Danny Perasa died this afternoon. The information about his passing is linked to the site you gave. Thank you for writing about the Perasas today; it was an unexpected gift.

Cupcake said...

TheInk provided this link on her own blog to keep the weepfest going. You'll see a video story about an autistic basketball player.

Kari said...

At our weekly story meeting at my PR station, all the freelancers were talking about this. We all cried.