Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Boston Creme

Guys, how come we never have Pie Fight Parties? If you watch the video, EdithVed is one of the three girls wearing a red hoodie; she is the cutest one, although it is hard to gauge in this shaky, cinema verite clip.

New blogs I've been reading lately: HotJohnny and tremble (thanks to RedTomato for the tip off about tremble). You'll also notice I cleaned up my sidebar a bit.


Beta said...

You've been very bloggy lately. Commendable. I've been lazy.
But I noticed a new knitting blog in the sidebar...I'll pass on the news that she has at least 1 new reader. :)

Cupcake said...

Yarh, Beta, sometimes it takes all of my strength to resist from commenting on your site, "Post something! It's been days! I'm dying here!" but I don't, because I know you are busy.

I would really like to post less. I have been particularly ambivalent recently since I'm not getting much feedback, ie comments, on my posts. And I really am supposed to be devoting my energy to my legitimate writing career. But then I check my site meter and see that I got 189 hits today and I think, 'What if people click over 189 times tomorrow and I have no new content for them? That would be terrible! The guilt! The shame!"

So it is a self-perpetuating and self-destructive cycle, but like I said, I've got to have some down times because I'm not capitalizing on opportunities for my freelance writing because I am a lazy ass who is easily distracted, and this blog is the number one culprit in that cycle.

Sheena said...

Cupcake! I have been remiss in my commenting and whatnot... and yet you show the love by adding me to your sidebar. I am quite flattered, naturally.. and just the teensy bit guilty for letting the blog scene slip down my priorities list after work. The horror!

Anyway, better late than never, right? I'm sorry to read that your dress did not fit. That is lame... I don't think it's you so much as clothing manufacturers. There is really nothing better than clothes made for you, and sadly that is a dying and expensive craft. I have faith that you will find something, though, or even be able to resurrect the J.Crew dress into something wearable (with the right seamstress, it might be possible) and you'll be the smashingest MOH this side of The Knot. Or something.. you know what I mean.

Commenting comes in waves, really. Not that I'm an expert as I have, oh, six readers.. a few of whom are related to me. Don't be ambivalent! What will I do to procrastinate? I'll do better, I promise!

A said...

obviously you need to have a cupcake fight party, although i must say there is a dwonside to the pie or cupcake fight. my palette mourned when I sat back to witness the walls covered in wasted desserts.

dantobindantobin said...

I have to disagree, Edith -- I threw a lot of mini-cupcakes that night, and they really paled in comparison to the pies. No offense.

Cupcake said...

Pies have a higher comedy factor, sure. As a person who has baked 72 cupcakes for one party, I can assure you that if we were having a cupcake fight, you'd be getting straight Duncan Hines. I wouldn't bust my hump baking cupcakes from scratch just so that they can meet an untimely end with a splatt.