Friday, February 24, 2006

Google, Enough.

Look, Google. Enough. Usually I think your little doodles are cute when they celebrate Earth Day and Chinese New Year. They bring a little spontanaity to my day which can be downright pedestrian at times. But please, enough of these whimsical Olympian artistic renderings. I don't care about the Olympics. I can't care; I tried, but it wasn't happening for me. Your icons are serving as a daily admonishment that the rest of the world is bonding over this thing and I am left on the outside, impatiently stamping my foot waiting for my regularly scheduled programming to return. I babysit once a week, and Thursdays are my only time to watch television. I want to watch The Office and ER; I've switched to other channels but Without A Trace just isn't cutting it. I don't give a crap about these Games. Right, not even women's figure skating. So let's go back to classic "Google" . Unless it's International Clean Drinking Water Day, I don't want to hear it.


Sheena said...

My personal favorite Google icon is the Bloom's Day (or is it Bloomsday?) one with James Joyce.

Ice skating has lost it's lustre for me over the years, but I have to say, if you want a good Olympic sport to watch... go with curling. It's fantastic. Seriously.

Also the men's downhill, though that was last week and I missed it.

Germany is winning! Surely you can get excited about that?

Joshua said...

You are an olympics scrooge cupcake. They are awesome.

claire said...

this year's olympics has been really good! mostly because the US is performing at a less than AWESOME level, so the news are forced to covere ::gasp:: other countries! oh my god! and also there's the curling. i won't go into my love of curling.

Cupcake said...

The thing that you have to remember is that the Olympics have been turned into a television event, and I am a person who does not own a television. Sure, if I were really gung-ho about the Games, I could overcome that, but I can't get excited about them in the first place.

Also, I haven't had a TV for two years, and ever since I left home for college, I've had limited access to television. So the way that things are packaged amd marketed for television audiences doesn't really resonnate with me. Maybe if they put the Olympics on DVD and gave it special features, I'd be interested but all the commericals, the cutting back and forth, the music, the melodrama, the cheese factor- it's been so long since I drank the Kool-Aid, now when I get a taste, I spit it out.

I do find the fact that the Germans are winning the medal race funny and surprising (I don't think anyone is more surprised than they are). And that skater Joey Cheek, who gave his money to charity and talked about the genocide in Darfur during his Gold Medal Press Conference? I liked that. Now that's the kind of story I can get behind.

Curling. That's the sport you can play while still wearing eye glasses, no?

Dawn Z(ed) said...

Curling is the whole reason I went from hating the Olympics (I have major issues with the whole pro-athletes competing in an amateur competition. Bloodpressure gets raised).

I'm a bad Canadian because I hate hockey and I don't speak French. The first year curling was an official Olympic event I was in Quebec. The only time I heard English (outside of my traveling companion and host) was when they were showing the Olypics on TV in the bars. I was so damn excited about hearing English I didn't care that it was always curling on the TV. I became hooked. I'm glad I had that chance to see the Canadian Women win. One of the best rinks Canada has ever seen to be sure.

I really hate US Olympic coverage. CBC does a pretty non-suck job.

Lord of the Barnyard said...

hear hear.

Muk said...

Ditto, what Lord of the Barnyard said.

Joshua said...

It's funny 'cause when you (dawn) said you hate U.S. coverage I got all mad and defensive. and then I realized U.S. olympics coverage does suck.