Monday, February 13, 2006

I Asked for This.

I'm reposting this email that Queenie sent me until she yells at me to take it down.

Dear Cupcake,
I would like you to know that on Saturday evening I shared a bottle of wine with your little brother, at your father's house. We sat on the same couch. There was laughing of course, and some silliness. We looked at yearbooks, and I pointed out ALL of the places I appeared in the 1999 book. I enjoyed much facetime in that book, with entire thanks going to you. Then your father and Sweetie came home, and I was able to witness the joyous synergy between them. If you didn't know, they are currently embroiled in a 1,000 piece puzzle depicting 3 babies in a bathtub. The puzzle is splayed out on your dining room table. They like to sing and banter while they do the puzzle.

Needless to say, LittleBrother and I had to get involved, if briefly. So what I'm telling you, Cupcake, is that on Saturday night I enjoyed a puzzle at your dining room table with your little brother, your father, his girlfriend, and their little dog too.


Did anyone else throw up in their mouth? No? Just me?


Anonymous said...

Nancy- you jaded hussy, I think you're just jealous.

Back to the rest of your blog...

Cupcake said...

You are right. I am a jaded hussy. Spank me?

Queenie said...

In Hollywood, or say, Rhode Island, there is no such thing as bad press, Cupcake... and no better thing than a successful publicity stunt... I'm thinking, "JessRicka"?