Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Bloodied Martyr Day

If I tell you I didn't realize today was Valentine's Day,you probably won't believe me but when you live without a television, such things are possible. The first person to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to me was my Boss. I think he still feels mad about missing my birthday. The second person was my FedEx Guy. Remember FedEx Guy? The third person was a friend via email. I'm pretty satisfied with that tally.

For those of you who read regularly it is probably needless for me to say at this point that I have never had a date on Valentine's Day, but I don't hate on the day. In high school I used to have a big sleepover party at my house and invite girls from all different cliques. I said everyone had to bring one beauty product to share and something yummy to eat. Does anyone remember those parties? I think Queenie was at one, an Beta and Lexa and I don't know who else.

In college I used to make big care packages for my friends and send out cheesey cards and Conversation Hearts. When I first moved to New York, after I got kicked out of my Upper West Side apartment after 12 days by a psychotic Spanish Teacher whose neck I had shaved only days before, a family friend took pity on me and let me stay at her boyfriend's Midtown apartment while he was visiting her in Rhode Island for the weekend. That year I spent Valentine's Day eating dinner at an Indian Restaurant by myself and staring at a stranger's photos of himself from his halcyon days of college football. Last year I took the day off work to use of some floating vacation days and made a pilgrimage to the Sugar Sweet Sunshine Cupcake Bakery downtown and Jacques Torres' Chocolate Haven; really I like the DUMBO location better. You may remember it poured all day. I came home with enough sugar to put an elephant calf into a diabetic coma, but I was still coming up short in the sweetness department.

This year I'm too freaking tired to be cute. I'm going to my writing class and I'm reading my essay aloud to the class tonight. Then I'll go home and do further dammage to that box of Godivas and work on this. Oh I think I've got a bottle of wine stashed somewhere. The most overwhelming feeling I have is one of contentment. I hope wherever you are you can say the same. If not, a half dozen cupcake will get you pretty far in the way of forgetting.


AJWP said...

That's a super cute bag! I'm going to copycat you and make one as soon as I finish up my current project. Thanks for the pattern!

Cupcake said...

I'll be sure to post photos of the bag when I finish. So far, the only difficult thing has been the start, you start with 8 stitches on 4 dpns and keep increasing until you get to 200 stitches. I found the 8 stitches hard to get started with in the round.