Monday, February 13, 2006

Mmm. Pie Dress.

Thanks to Sheena, who took my hand and said no, dumbass, this was what I was talking about when I mentioned J.Crew, I found this dress which was marked down from $225 to $49. So I did what any reasonable person with access to credit cards would do: I bought that baby. Although it was not a full length gown as I was looking for to hide the cookie dough logs that are my legs, I figure perhaps I can wear it to the Shower or Rehearsal Dinner. And, if it looks really great maybe I'll even wear it as my dress on the big day. Still, I think I will visit Serene Rose in Park Slope this coming weekend to see what they have to offer. Of course, this highly reduced dress was a final sale, so if it doesn't fit and is beyond all help from a reasonable seamstress, I will be selling it here. The color is called "Rhubarb". You know you love it.


Sheena said...

Happy to help, young Cupcake! The dress has the makings of a smashing success, I think. Even if it doesn't pass muster for the big day, it'll be a great occasion dress to have around.

Hooray for sales!

LaHipster said...

That dress is beautiful, Nance. I'm not sure I have anything perfect, but if you want to run through jewelry or need help shoe shopping, I'm game.

Cupcake said...

There's another J.Crew sale dress I like so I'm going to wait until this one arrives and I can try it on. If it fixs, I'm going to buy the second one as well. Stay tuned.