Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I just can't get excited about "Luau" or "Casino"

My birthday fast approaches and I am not prepared for this on any level. I am giving up on trying to create a clever party theme. The theme for my birthday this year will be "birthday party". I believe that was the theme last year as well.


Carazy Cashew said...

Hey Cupcake, How about you have a cupcake swap for your birthday. You invite everyone to come to your party and ask them to make or buy some cupcakes to swap, base it all on baking cupcakes.. I'm sure you can find some decorations for that too. It would be a ton of fun plus you get free cupcakes which is always a bonus. Just make sure you have a list of cupcake choices so that not everybody brings the same kind. :0)

Cupcake said...

Cashew, that is a great idea, however the skills you listed, ie "baking" and "sharing" are well beyond my circle of friends. Instead, I will have a giant Make Your Own cupcake bar. I am thinking two kinds of cupcakes, four kinds of icing and multitudes of decorations.

I'm sure this will drive me insane by this Saturday.

Kari said...

Um, is your party this Saturday?!?!?