Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who Are We Kidding? Let's Talk About Me.

To field some questions from the Peanut Gallery, my birthday is January 29. My party will be the night before. I am going to attempt a "Make Your Own" Cupcake Buffet. I'm thinking I will provide two kinds of cupcakes, four kinds of icing and oodles of toppings. For the cupcakes, is Chocolate and Vanilla the way to go? Should I do lemon instead for the non-chocolate option? I'm sure I will be obsessing about this for days to come. I'll have to bake at least 60 cupcakes. Right now, the guest list is about 35 people not including "plus ones" or "plus fives" depending on how you roll. Oh yeah, my apartment is tiny- two rooms. Am I worried? No, clearly not everyone will show.

To go with my cupcake theme (I want to present all the food as cupcakes) can anyone recommend any good savory muffin recipes?

Of note: I am creating a section in the sidebar titled "Ultimate Maid of Honor" to centralize all the tools I will need to be the world's most kick-ass Maid of Honor. Feel free to make use of these resources.


Stacey said...

Hey Cupcake the best part of being the Maid of Honor is you get to audition the batchlorette party entertainment (wink, wink).


Cupcake said...

Let's remember that we are planning the nuptials of my friend who works at The Dictionary. Do you know what she says about working at The Dictionary? "It's very quiet." She doesn't seem like the stripper at the Bachelorette Pary type although, who knows? she may surprise me. Just in case, I have already asked her if she prefers the "bad cop" or "cowboy" motif. Oh God, I hope she picks Cowboy.

I'm mostly kidding here. When it's my turn to get married, please don't hire a stripper for me. I guess I don't really have a problem with male strippers, it's just the type of guy they send. Now if they would send me a short guy, with a receding hairline, kinda self-conscious- that would be money.

Stacey, I can only imagine the "auditioning" you've done.

Dawn Z(ed) said...

I too am having cupcakes at my birthday party, which just happens to be on the same day as yours! (My actual birthday is on the 31st)

I'm making chocolate marble cupcakes. I was planning on a big cake but I am having my birthday party at a lodge in the woods, in the US no less, and I wasn't sure if they would have baking pans, and then I wasn't sure I wanted to bring a cake from home and I just knew that I would get stopped at the border and they would wonder why I was bringing baking supplies with me or why I was driving a slab cake down with me and do something horrible to it or I would slam on my brakes and have a cake all over my window and I would have ruined my own birthday party.

So cupcakes it is!

Um... yeah. Anyway, I hope you have an EXCELLENT birthday. January babies rule!

Carazy Cashew said...

You should do Chocolate and Vanilla for sure because one way or the other someone is going to want either option. Plus the old stand bys are always the best! Also I too once was a maid of honour I have actually been in two weddings as a maid of honour and I can tell you it seems like alot more work then it really is. The best times we had at a bachorlette party though was just going to the local bar and making a fool of ourselves. Me and the other bridesmaids along with some friends went to work on a fake veil along with a buck a suck shirt and a basket full of tootsie roll pops so the bride could make alot of money and get really drunk off of other peoples funds. It worked out great. We of course also supplied her with a date for the night in the fashion of a blow up man it was great! He got passed around and signed by everyone at the bar hahaha. The best thing to do though is find a bar that embarrasses the heck out of the bride-to-be alot of bars have different things so call around you'll find something really fun!

LaHipster said...

Cupcake said...

Thanks Hip. I took the recipe for the Mini Rosemary Orange cupcake.

Dawnzzle, I have always had an affinity with Jan 28 - 31 babies. Your party in the woods begs further questions, but for the moment I will just tell this story:

When I was a kid I was in a children's theater group. I was in a show where all the parents had to bake goodies to sell at Intermission as a fundraiser. My Mom baked cupcakes. Now, this was back in the day when cupcake transporters as glorious as mine did not exist. So she put them on a big tray and told me to hold the tray. She didn't put any saran wrap on the tray because she didn't want to smoosh the icing.

Can you see where this is going? So, we were driving to the theater, me with a tray of cupcakes on my lap. She stopped short, and the cupcakes went flying into the windshield. We pulled over. She took the most mangled cupcakes and tossed them, but she didn't want to arrive for the fundraiser empty handed. So the salvageable cupcakes went back on the tray. We then proceeded to the theater at about 15 mph.

We were carpooling and had a younger girl in the backseat. My Mom told the little girl not to tell anyone what happened to the cupcakes because she would be very embarassed.

The little girl never told, but I just did.

Cupcake said...

Cashew is from Canda so she writes "Honour". Sweet.

Smartypants, are you reading this? CC put a lot of ideas out there. Don't worry, I'm taking notes. Blow-up Man. Check. Can someone explain buck a suck to me?

Kari said...

Hey - I have like every cupcake book ever written, so let me know if you want anything from any of them. Or I could pop them into th email for you and you could send them back when you are done.

Savory muffins... would you like a cheesy, garlicy biscut kind of thing? Or are you looking more for a lemon poppyseed kind of thing? I would be happy to look some stuff up from my stash. And over Christmas, I made some Doughnut Muffins that went down a treat. (I am reading an old novel set in England, which is where I got that phrase.)

And to spice up your cupcakes, so you can stick to chocolate and vanilla - how about offering an apple corer and some different kinds of puddings as fillings? And you don't even really need the corer - you can just offer spoons for people to scoop middles out and then fill the inside with lemon or whatever.

I think just having the two kinds if fine, and if you offer four different kinds of frostings, then you can't really go wrong. And anyhow, vanilla on vanilla is the most popular cupcake/frosting combo of all.

I wish I could come to your party!

Joshua said...

I'm just saying no lemon cupcakes, as a rule.

Carazy Cashew said...

buck a suck is when you sew lifesavers onto a t-shirt and then guys or girls pay to suck the lifesaver right off the bride-to-bes shirt. It gets ever better as people get drunker... hahaha

Janet said...

Whoa. I might have to steal this idea for my Feb. 3 birthday. Too fabulous! (I will give you full credit for the idea.)

Anonymous said...

Kind of offbeat, but you could do little savory things that just LOOKED like cupcakes. I'm thinking like shepherd's pie (vegetarian version would be mushrooms) in cupcake cups, and you could pipe the mashed potatoes on top to make it look like icing. OR just do cheesy mashed potatoes in little cupcake cups.