Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All The Real Girls Read This Blog

Well, it was a craptastic commute this morning, and I forgot my umbrella even though it was threatening to pour as I was walking out my front door. Yesterday, it was cold. I remember, because G4 and I were walking around saying, "Boy, it sure is cold." This morning, it was 60 degrees with rain and gusty winds. Tonight it is expected to be cold again. Oh yeah, and it's January, people. January in New York City. Clearly the locusts are not far behind.

On the recomendation of blogfriend Jesse, I watched the DVD for All the Real Girls last night. This was an amazing little movie. I dare you to watch it and not have a crush on Paul Schneider. The commentary track is also interesting and unlike some commentaries wherein you hear the actors betraying how stupid they actually are, this track brings to light the emotional genius of Schneider and writer/director David Gordon Green.

In other blog news, LaHipster mentioned in an email that her sister was off to the Olympics. Um, did I miss something? Her sister is a displaced New Orlean's Massage School Graduate. So I asked LaHip, is she on a luge team, or will she be rubbing down sweaty Olympians? If it is the latter, what's the name of that Massage School. LaHipster threw the sentiment of my own line back at me, as in, 'You really need to be reading my blog.'

So please everyone, don't make the same mistake I did. Read this Live Journal. PS Turns out the sister is a librarian at Olympic Village. What? That exists? What's the name of that Library School?

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LaHipster said...

A disclaimer: the "don't you read my blog?" comment stemmed from an email you once sent when I asked how you were doing. I'd been waiting baitedly to throw it back at you.

One needs only arms and a warm coat to be an Olympic librarian. Actually, not even a warm coat because you're given an Olympic-emblemmed wardrobe upon deplaning. Basically, I have family in broadcasting, and my sister's not afraid to weasel that connection every two years.