Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I have a complaint: you suck!

Have you ever noticed that the cartoon in The New Yorker are patently unfunny? I have. JoshedPotatoes has. And, apparently, Mr. GoodTaste has too.

As some of you may recal, the Princess of Darkness is trying desperately to get her cartoons published in The New Yorker. I believe she will succeed at this. Here is what happens when I run into the POD:

She shoves a stack of cartoons at me and says something like, "Look at these cartoons. I've slep 3 hours in the past four days. What do you think of them? If you don't like them, I'll kill myself."

So I look at the cartoons and they totally look like something The New Yorker would publish. "Do you get it?" she will ask. "Is it funny?"

"Welllllllllll......" I say. Then she grabs the cartoons back, "Okay give those back to me. I hate you. "

"They're funny in a New Yorker sort of way. That's what you're going for, right? Not actually funny but New Yorker funny?"


Joshua said...

Here's my impression of a NY'er cartoon:
animals, children, inanimate object does something not expected like discussing e-mail/faxes/online shopping/traffic/divorce/iPods.
Really, I want to find them funny. I want to laugh dammit, but that's not funny.
That's fucking lame.
Maybe if the animal said his wife was a slut. Then I'd laugh 'cause that's funny.

Jamie Carin said...

I believe there is a whole Seinfeld episode about this topic. Elaine doesn't get the cartoon in the New Yorker so she actually brings it to the editor there to explain it to her...she gets him to admit it means nothing and isn't funny. So she starts writing cartoons for the New Yorker...and is up all night (like POD) and it also isn't funny.