Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Secular New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. If you've already celebrated Jewish New Year, Chinese New Year, Diwali ... feel free to double dip and go nuts on Saturday night as well. Cupcake says its okay. I will be getting down like Bobby and Whitney in Brooklyn, (thanks, Kate and Johnny!).

Okay, I'm out to go see that movie about the kissin' cowboys. Don't forget to vote for The Cuppies. G4 arrives on Tuesday. Joy! I have been without a playmate in the office for too long.

In honor of Dick Clark's New Year's co-host: Cupcake out!


Vanessa said...

Happy New Year, Cupcake!!

A said...

i've seen kissing cowboys twice and i don't think i'm done yet.

Cupcake said...

I never made it to kissing cowboys- I couldn't get to the theater in time to catch the showing. I ended up seeing Syriana. It was intense.

But those smoochin' ranch hands are on my to-do list in a big way.

A said...

how about George Clooney's fingernails huh?
Ya... kissing cowboys get my vote above the ill oil trade flick

Cupcake said...

Okay, I wasn't going to mention Clooney's fingernails, but since you brought it up... I knew there was a scene in the film where Clooney gets tourchered, cause I heard about it in his interview with Terry Gross (and this is Fresh Air!), but good God! I had my eyes firmly shut and behind my fingers for that scene and it still upsets me. Also, I'm reading A Million Little Pieces right now and there was a scene I read last night where James Frey pulls out one of his own toe nails.

People! Enough with the pulling out of nails! Just thinking about it now makes me want to hurl.