Friday, December 30, 2005


Dear Law & Order,

Maybe one time you could have an Italian-American character on your show who isn't a greasy half-witted or homicidal cold-blooded Mobster. Just once. That'd be great. Thanks.


A Wide-Hipped Little Guida Girl


Cupcake said...

On Friday night I watched an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent that featured an Italian-American character who was not a mobster. He was a chef. Who murdered his daughter's husband and chopped him up in a meat grinder. Why? Because he was a very controlling man who had been enjoying a sexual relationship with his daughter for years and the happy couple's decision to start a family was cramping his style.

Thanks Law & Order! I appreciate you taking action on my request.

tobs said...

i think the current female ADA is italian-american, and thus far she is not involved with the mob. perhaps they'll surprise us with that, like when Sutherland turned out to be a lesbian.