Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Vegas, Baby

Everybody should watch this on PBS. If you missed the first part yesterday, I'm sure they will be rebroadcasting it ad infinitum. The reason you should watch it is that it Cupcake Hooly worked on it and we are wicked proud of her. Also, I'm sure it is super terriffic. I do not have a TV, but I am considering causing a blackout so I can go loot me one at my local PC Richards and Sons just to watch this program.


Kari said...

We watched it! Sort of by default though, as we are having huge, big storms and all other channels were only broadcasting weather maps. It was really informative. I wished it talked more about the water issue there though, but maybe they covered that the first night.

Cupcake said...

See, I haven't seen this yet, but I'm guessing that no matter how they present it, my comment will be "Less irrigation! More showgirls!" But that's just me.