Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back to the Salt Mines

Tuesday morning and I am back at work. When you return to the office from having a day off, there are two scenarios you can encounter: 1) pure chaos has errupted in your absence or 2) no one even noticed that you were gone. Scenario 1 is good for your ego, job security and performance evaluation, but option 2 is much better if you ever plan on taking a day off again, or, God have mercy, two consecutive days off in the future. So I was kind of ambivalent as to what I would encounter when I arrived this morning.

What did I find? Option 1: sheer bedlam. The kitchen was a mess, papers were strewn all over my desk, 11 voice mail messages on my phone; the Boss had simultaneously thrown his back out and gotten picked to serve on a jury, no one could figure out how to work the phones and the Boss's boss in Germany couldn't reach anyone all morning resulting in him sending out an irate email to the whole office asking if it was perhaps a public holiday that he didn't know about. I don't even want to talk about the contents of my email inbox.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to enable my out of office notification, so two pople are wondering why the projects that were announced Friday and due yesterday were not completed. So, I'll be spending all day, and then some, cleaning up the joint. But my trip to DC was fabulous!! Thanks to VBeta for emailing some photos from Saturday night at the Love Cafe.

Cupcake and Bizzy. Behold the cake carnage. Cupcake and VBeta. I like to have pretty friends. (see also above) It highlights my "personality".
Cupcake and Garrett. What you can't see is that he is on his knees in this photo.


VBeta said...

Glad you found a manageable size for the photos. I'm glad you had a good time in DC and I'm sorry I missed you on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed Eastern Market. The weather gods were certainly smiling on your trip.

Anonymous said...

I haven't got a clue how this works but even the brain dead can click on leave your comment. Nancy, it is VERY nice to see you! even if long distance. Erich and Beth catch me up on your current adventures every now and then, great to keep in touch.
Barbara Renner