Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm That Little Bit of Hope When Your Back's against the Wall

Yes, I have the R.Kelly song "World's Greatest" in my head. Why? Because I am the World's Greatest. What did I do to deserve this honor? Give a homeless man mouth-to-mouth recessitation at the 23rd street subway station? Push a baby carriage out of the way of an oncoming M27 bus? Nope. I just recovered a piece of information for one of my colleagues that required me to go back in time, if you will, and uncover it from the 2001 Transaction Log. Why, I was practically in diapers myself in 2001 and yet I managed to come through when others had failed! It is a great day to be an Administrative Assistant! Also, now that I think about it, I may also be the "World's Self-Importantest".

In Washington this weekend Bizzy and I went to see Capote. It was okay. (I can already see LaHipster shaking her fists at her computer screen). Kind of slow and quiet, which I don't mind, but we were both practically falling asleep to begin with, so the film's slow pacing didn't help much. I would reccomend that you read "In Cold Blood" before you see the film; Biz hadn't read it and I think I was able to appreciate it more for having read the work (shout out to Mr. Murphy's AP English Class here.) At anyrate, the highlight of the evening was seeing Hannah, my beloved ViennaTwin, and stuffing our faces with Brie and S'mores at Cosi before the show.

I started watching Undeclared courtesy of Netflix last night, and I was kinda disappointed. I'm only two episodes in, but it just doesn't rival the genius of Apatow's Freaks and Geeks. Of course, I still want to marry Seth Rogen.


Sheena said...

Claire (of phonesringing) and I also love Seth Rogen. She and I have been watching Undeclared mostly for him (with a good dose of college nostalgia thrown in).

I understand your disappointment after two episodes, but stick with it. F&G it ain't, but as it goes on, it gets better. Especially the episodes that Mr. Rogen writes/has a hand in writing.

Cupcake said...

What is it about Seth Rogen? So funny. So ... powerfully sexy? I don't know. But if he wasn't Canadian, he'd be perfect.

You ladies have taste.

Sheena said...

Why, thank you. He is funny and surly. Gotta love that.

I think being Canadian makes him that much cooler. Sadly, I think the tattoos from 40-Year-Old Virgin are fake. Ah well.

LaHipster said...

You tit.

Cupcake said...

Mmm. Rogen in those slightly nerdy glasses = perfection.