Thursday, November 10, 2005

One More For the Road

Okay kids, the work day is winding down and I'm winding up. Friday is a holiday and I'm taking a vacation day on Monday giving myself a nice, long weekend. So don't expect any blogging until Tuesday. However, due to the dearth of comments on my lukewarm posts recently, hopefully nobody will notice my absence. Tomorrow I hit the rails for DC to convene a meeting of the Washington Chapter of the Cupcake Mafia. Expect a lot of cake, snark, cake, nostalgia, cake and fudge. Hopefully we will not have a repeat of my trip last February when I got hella sick with the runs while Bizzy was napping and the HappyHobo had to minister to me. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

In other news, LaHipster just sent me this link from Gawker that reports that the LoSide Diner in the East Village was condemned, thereby ruining the rhythm of our Friday night rituals. This is a mega bummer. Also, I thought the food was totally decent. What gives, Gawker??

The worlds of the Cupcake Mafia and Carpathian Kitten Loss have totally collided and Brooklyn may never be the same. Cupcakes and kittens are flying everywhere along with long-forgotten tales of a walk of shame that took place in a place called Terezin. I think we all need a moment to process. A more likely scenario is that Josh and I are actually the same person, a la some Palahniuk set-up. When you consider the amounts of sugar and caffeine I consume, there is probably no way I could sleep at night anyway; that is probably just the time I run around Park Slope as my Philadelphia-obsessed, Hipster-beer swilling alter-ego Josh. This would also explain why I can recite entire passages from the Torah.

Also, I've been feeling kind of constipated lately and I believe it is all because this man refuses to explain why he has a postage stamp tattooed on his bicep.

Okay, everybody hold tight and we'll see if I can't squeak out one more post about my Flu Shot experience yesterday.


Joshua said...

Oh great, two work days with no new posts. If we're the same person, how come I can't fix that? and I'm a "hipster" now am I?
It was shameful that your friend had to wear the same clothes as the day before and at Terezin of all places. But I was just tired and shame free. Have fun in Washington!

gilhouse said...

who said i have biceps? i think you are mistaken. my stomach is getting bigger, so i've got that going for me.

gilhouse said...

and oh...about the constipation. yeah, i do that to people. just drink a lot of tom collins mix and it should clear up.

gilhouse said...

and...and...oh, i never refused to answer why i have a tattoo of a bison; i merely deflected the comment by saying i was the moon and made of cheese. it's my "gift."

Anonymous said...

Hey LoSide Diner is OPEN!!!