Thursday, November 10, 2005

Things that do not run in the family

Things that do not run in the family: Being Cool. Using Grammar. In each case, it's kinda a one-off.

I just wrote 717 words about a credenza.

My brother just sent me an email that contained this paragraph:

"I was in your neck of the woods on monday. I went to Ad-tech...a trade show of advertising netowrks etc. at the hilton in NY. Great stuff. Everyone gave away free cheesey stuff...some pretty cool, and then we went to a invite only hospitality sweet in the hilton for drinks and appetizers..and then to a party at club Glo sponsored by Blue lithium (ad network) was out of control. They had circ de sole people there eating fire and walking on stilts. The best part, somehow, someway, we took a car service home all the way to the train station, so i didn;t have to take the train at 1230. If you need some free stress balls, and pens, etc, you can have your pick of the litter when you come up to me for thanksgiving."


gilhouse said...

credenzas are cool. doesn't the word mean something like "truth table?" they were used to see if poison was in food. awesome.

Cupcake said...

thank you for having mercy and commenting on this lame post.