Thursday, November 17, 2005

Note to Self: Germans are Very Literal

So G2 and I continue with our playful relationship. This week the Boss has Jury Duty and so discipline has been at an all time low here. In addition to throwing around my rubberband ball (we have nearly broken my computer monitor twice), yesterday we took up sword-fighting: I was armed with scissors and he with a letter opener. The game ended when I nearly took off his left Index Finger; he did an impressive death scene.

Today I was in the kitchen filling the fridge with bottled water and Diet Cokes, which is just one of the things I do here in my glamorous very important job. G2 came into the kitchen to make himself some tea. "I'm going to shut you into the refrigerator," he said.

"Just try it," I said turning my back to load my Diet Cokes in. The next thing I knew, crap!, G2 had set upon me and was trying to close me into the fridge. G2 is very strong and also, I am a small person. I would likely fit into a refrigerator. I began pushing back and we entered a fight. "G2! G2!" I yelled. "You cannot shut me into the Fridge! I am the Queen!"

"Shhhh!" he said, so my shouts would not attract the attention of my colleagues. "Come on, just get in the fridge, you'll like it. Come on!"

Soon I began loosing the fight and found myself nearly sitting on the bottom shelf of the Fridge with G2 trying to close the door. "G2 stop it! You can't shut me in the fridge! What is wrong with you?"

"You told me I could!"

"I said 'try it'!"

"Okay, I am trying it."

Finally G2 relented and I was able to climb out of the fridge with about zero dignity in tact. I started saying, "What time is it? Is it December? I think it is. Time for a new German. Time for G3 and time for you to go home!" He seemed totally unconcerned. I think he was just killing time while he waited for the kettle to boil.

My back is killing me.


Vbeta said...

Note: I love reading your stories about German men both in and out of the office. :)

A said...

was it a mini fridge by any chance? i mean cuz then fitting on that bottom shelf would be really impressive. you could put 'contoursionist' on your CV. or