Thursday, November 17, 2005


This morning I was on the 6 Train uptown and I noticed someone sitting across the aisle from me who was wearing the same pink and yellow Kangaroo sneakers that I own. These are my favorite pair of sneakers at home and I've never seen anyone else wearing them. The train was quite packed, so I couldn't see much of the girl wearing my sneakers; she had a pink striped tote bag on the floor by her feet and I could make out that she was dressed casually. The train shifted, the girl leaned forward and I could see she was reading The Phantom Toll Booth.

Wow! My sneaker twin is so cool! And, really, that makes me cool by extension, right, because we both have the same taste in pink sneakers. But then I started thinking, hey, it's 8:30am on a Thursday morning. How come my sneaker twin is in sweats, reading a great book and I am in my work clothes soon to disembark in Midtown? Where did our paths divulge? I want to be in my sneakers reading The Phantom Toll Booth! Instead I am wearing "slacks" and pointy boots and undergarments. I sold out! I'm too young for the lifestyle I'm living!

Then, at 33rd Street, the woman who had been obstructing my view of my sneaker twin got a seat and I had a clear view of the girl whose life I had been desiring. I found myself staring into the face of a 13-year old girl. She looked kind of awkward and I realized she was on her way to Middle School. Whoa Nellie! Nevermind. You keep your life. I take it back. But seriously, cool shoes.

The fact that I have the fashion sense and tastes of a 13-year old should surprise exactly noone.


Jamie Carin said...

My nephew is named after a character in The Phantom Tollbooth. I haven't read the book yet (though I have been told I should).

Just sharing..

Cupcake said...

Let me guess. His name is Milo?

jesse said...

great story, jefe.