Monday, October 31, 2005

A Very Deutschy Weekend

GermanoftheMonth has moved on from correcting my German to correcting my English. He makes fun of me when I mumble, or talk too fast and he calls me on it when my Rhode Island accent slips out. I said something to him yesterday and he said, "What language is that supposed to be? Are you speaking English?"

Annoyed, I responded with, "Sorry, soll ich auf Deutsch sprechen?"

"God no. That only makes you more difficult to understand."

Then, as per usual, I punched him in the shoulder and gave him an English lesson that included such bon mots as "asshat", "jerkface" and "buttmunch".

In case you can't tell, I adore this guy.

Which is why I am filled with panic and despair to contemplate that tomorrow will be GOTM's last day in the office. He flys back to Germany on Wednesday. Sure, they're sending me a new German on Wednesday; that's the beauty of the German of the Month program, but it just won't be the same. I feel like raising my eyes heavenward and yelling, "Why God? Why give me a playmate in the office and then take him away?"

From the first day he arrived, we have been able to tease each other, help each other out, have fun and generally behave like a little sister and big brother. We also have some things in common that I don't share with too many people, and his command of English truly inspires me. Also, it doesn't help that he shares an office with Der Man and is good friends with him and has been a valuable source of information on that front.

In fact, usually GOTM will tease me about all the little farmer babies Der Man and I will have, or about how when Der Man comes to visit, he'll buy a stroller to push me around in (Der Man is about nine years older than me). Or there's plenty to make fun of in the hesitant, shy way Der Man and I flirt with each other. But sometimes he'll switch tone: he'll want to know what I see in Der Man and tell me there are 40 guys exactly like him. Or he'll pick on Der Man for being not as buff, or not as cool as him. This is really out of character, and I can't figure out where this is coming from. Does he think that I'm just joking around, and leading Der Man on? Or does he know something I don't know and not want me to get too serious about Der Man?

Well, these are all stupid details to get bogged down in considering that come Wednesday I'll be down one smart, awesome German and by all accounts up one dim, pretty boy German.

Friday night GOTM and I went to go see The Squid and the Whale then we hung out at a bar on West 4th, where I possibly got a little too drunk only in light of the inside company information I divulged. Oops. Before the movie started, GOTM asked me, "Can you tell me, what is a Quid?"

"Quid, that's Brittish slang for a pound. You know, the unit of Brittish currency."

"So, the Quid and the Whale...?"

"Oh, no, sorry, I'm a moron. The squid! Squid... I don't know the word in German. You know, calamari."

Then on Sunday we went to a place called Duke's for Brunch and took the Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. We also wanted to go to Ellis Island, in fact, the ferry docked there, but they wouldn't let us off. It was a total bullshit hassle- i.e. it felt like a totally authentic experience. GOTM took lots of photos of the New York skyline. The Dude likes his skylines.

Tonight we're going downtown to check out the parade in the Village, then maybe to a bar, or to a party, we haven't decided yet. I've gotten very good at picking him out in crowds, I feel very proprietary of him, my German, and comfortable toting him around like this season's hottest accessory. It's been clear this month if you invite me, I'll ask to bring my German along. Love me, love my German.

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LaHipster said...

9 years makes him an infant.