Monday, October 31, 2005

I've been Robbed!

"How come I don't see your photo in here?" asked the Boss as he was waving the Wall Street Journal around. "Don't you know you have to send it in to the home office so PR can distribute it for stories like this?"

"Let me see," I asked, reaching for the paper. I half expected it to be a story on female serial killers throughout the ages. Instead, the headline of the special section read "The 50 Women to Watch 2005". I scanned the 50 faces, yep, not a one of them was mine.

"I know," said TheJoker. "They wanted to list her as Number 51, so she withdrew."

"I bet it's because I'm Ital, my people are always over looked," I said as I looked at the 50 faces. Really, the only one I was 100% sure of was Oprah. "And secondly," I said pointing at one of the squares, "this one looks like a dude."

"Sour grapes," said the Boss.

"We're sick of your under-achieving," said TheJoker.

"Sure, but how many of these women can make a cup of coffee like I do?" I asked, trying to draw attention to some of my more positive attributes.

"A lot of them, I bet."

Do you see how the Cupcake gets no respect?

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