Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Consumption Junction

Behold my beautiful layout! I should have pusued a career in Graphic Arts.

First of all, remember my resolution to avoid Starbucks and to make my own coffee drinks at home and transport them on the subway in spill-proof containers to save myself money? Gone. I'm trying to keep a reign on it though, only plunking down for latte or machiatto twice a week. Yesterday I tried a Iced Skim Pumpkin Spice Latte. It tasted like liquid pumpkin pie. It was heavenly.

Sunday night I was in a Netflix drought and borrowed a DVD from the GoodNeighbor. I chose The Anniversary Pary from his collection, which was written and directed by Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh. I really liked it. It feels very intimate because they decided they wanted to make a movie with all of their good friends, then wrote the roles specifically for them.

On Monday Night, I caught an Interview on Fresh Air with Terrry Gross with the author of a new book called Vows: The Story of a Priest, a Nun and their Son which I am interested in reading. The author, Peter Manseau, is also the founding editor of Killing the Buddha, which looks like it is worth a look.

And the my new blog crush is The Daily Dump. Check it out.


Candicissima said...

Your spanking new layout is showing up a little buggy on my computer. :(

Cupcake said...

Sadly, the problem is not with your computer. Sadly, the problem is that I am a moron and even artfully placing images into a post template is too much for my sugar frosted brain to manage.

Linda said...

I really liked The Anniversary Party too! Thanks for the link to the film website, good stuff!!