Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Shooting in my Neighborhood Last Night

Last night at 7pm, right around the time I was walking home from the subway, police shot a 16-year old who had been robbing people at gunpoint for their iPods. The weapon displayed by the kid later turned out to be, by all accounts, a very realistic looking mock-up. I can't believe this was going on about 7 blocks from my apartment and I didn't hear a thing. More likely, I head noise by have become really desensitized to it. MuppetLover, did you catch any of this?

Here's the not-quite-current article in the New York Times. The most beautiful part is that this "kid" was out on bail awaiting trial for manslaughter, he had been involved in beating someone to death in May. As usual, for the breaking news and then some, I'm tuned into the Daily Heights Thread.

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Anonymous said...

I only saw it on the news this morning. I didn't hear anything last night though. Very disturbing. But hey - this kind of thing can happen anywhere, it really can. I still love the Heights.