Monday, October 03, 2005

City Math

This is for my friends, who know who they are, who spent all weekend yelling at me to stop buying scratch tickets and to drop off my laundry instead of doing it myself. They argued the difference in price would be two dollars, the cost of exactly one scratch ticket.


Laundry: 22lbs
Price per pound: $0.60
Total cost for drop off laundry: $13.20

Cost to do 22lbs of laundry myself:
Wash: $2.75
Dry: $1.25
Total: $4.00

Price differential: $9.20 or approx. 3 Scratch Tickets + 1 small machiato


jell-o said...

You get 22 lbs of laundry in one load? Is everything you own the same color?

LaHipster said...

jello-o, you have no idea how right you are. every shade of pink, from baby's-ass to Wet-and-Wild magenta.


Cupcake said...

Oh. I see. It is pick on Cupcake Day. Well, thank you for doing it here on my own blog instead of taking it to Defamer. Little Brother, do you want to weigh in here with a "Nancy Smells Like Poop?"

I guess I am not the most careful laundry washer. No, I'm not a big sorter. And since I don't sort, I'm certainly not going to pay someone else to sort for me. I hand wash the hand washables; I dry clean the dry cleanables. Isn't that enough?

LaHipster, I can't believe you never noticed before this weekend how much I like pink. Have you looked at this blog?

Also, I had more than 22lbs. 22lbs was as much as would fit into my bag. As I mentioned, a few times I think, I was in the middle of a desperate laundry situation.

I don't know why I ever listen to you Indie Rock kids.


Simone said...

OK, This is how I justify it. you have to figure in the time it takes to sit and wait for the laundry to be done, then the amount of folding time. who has TIME for that? It's so much work. Send it to get done and it's great. It comes back folded better than I ever would, plus you're keeping the neighborhood businesses open. I'm helping my community! :)

Oh and also, 22 pounds is not that much, I tend to have more than that every time I go to drop it off. Is that bad?