Monday, October 03, 2005

Still Life, Chez Muffin Tin

Let's see. Remember last week, when I had a link to a lovely little tea party that bbrug threw? It looked so delightful that I (successfully) guilted her into inviting me to her next party? And my implied comment was this is the kind of hostess I strive to be! I want to serve wine and cheese and tea and tasty little cakes! Well, join me back on planet real world and let's see how I've done.

This weekend I had some friends from Minneapolis come in for a visit. They are mutual friends of LaHipster as well, and they would be staying with her. So I hadn't planned much in the way of being hostess with the mostess. However, they arrived Thursday morning, and I invited everyone to come to place Thursday night. I barely had enough time when I got home from work to run around and get the barest of cleaning essentials done before the door buzzed.

Now, when you come to my place and examine my pantry you will ask, "So, where are you hiding the four-year-old?" This is because I keep things in stock like individual packages of fruit snacks, and Kudos. So, all I had to offer my guests in the way of refreshments was water, grape Kool-Aid and Pink Lemonade. And Vodka. To which my discerning friends replied, giddyap.

The above photo was taken the morning after, when I surprised even myself by managing to get to work on time and hang-over free (but alas, the weekend was young.) Can you find: purple Kool-Aid, Vodka, deck of Uno Cards, scratch ticket, Brooklyn public library books, and ghetto Honey Bunches O' Oats treats that needed to be chisled out of the pan because I neglected to grease said pan and forgot that such treats are not traditionally refrigerated? Bonus points if you recognize that my table cloth is from Target.


rachel said...

the food in that pan looks more like "spinach surprise."

Cupcake said...

Gregg, be serious. Nancy + vegetables has not happened in the history of man. In fact, I had to look up how to spell "vegetables".

A said...

i thought it was a pan of pot