Friday, September 30, 2005

We're Ready For Our Sitcom, BBC.

The view from my desk today.

One of the questions I am asked most often at work is, "Where's the Boss?" (Of course, no one but me calls him "The Boss", everyone else just calls him by his name). So I spend all day long telling people where the boss is. Sometimes he's at a meeting, sometimes he's at lunch, sometimes he's at the gym. But sometimes, several times a day, he's in the, um, Men's Room.

Now, I do not particularly enjoy telling people the Boss is on the throne. Not his wife when she calls, not the Big Boss when he calls from Germany, not anyone. And for a while I was the only woman in the office which for some reason made this extra embarassing for me. Yesterday, for the 9000th time in my career, NewGuy came up to me and asked, "Where's the Boss?" So, I said while pointing towards the door, "He's, um ..."

"What? He's at lunch?"

"No. He's indisposed."

"Oh. He's in the Men's Room."

"Yes. You know, we could really use a good euphamism for that." NewGuy thought for a moment.

"How about 'the satellite office'?"

"Oooh. That's good."

Now if you will excuse me, I have very important business to conduct at the satellite office.

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