Monday, October 24, 2005

Cat Scratch Fever

As I was telling MuppetLover yesterday, not long ago some friends of mine had an intervention to get me to give up Scratch Tickets. Even though I tried to label their argument classist and elitist, they did make some good points. For example, they said that if I gave up the Scratchies, with the money I saved I could soon afford to buy a microwave. Of course, little did they know I would soon find some new stupid thing to entice me to throw away a couple of dollars a week. Last week: Choxie. This week: who knows? But true to my word, I haven't purchased a Scratch Ticket since Drew Belstock sat in my kitchen and told me I disguisted him.

To see how the bright bumpkins in Oklahoma are handling lotto-related ecstacy, check out lebrookski's hilarious post.


Candicissima said...

I saw a Target commercial for Choxie on Sunday night and my first thought was "wtf?" And the second was "ohhh...that's that stuff Cupcake was talking about!"

Cupcake said...

I tell you, I miss so much by not having a television. If I saw a commercial for Choxie, I would have probably made a sissy in my pants.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I have a nickname!