Thursday, October 20, 2005

Battle of the Sobs

I tell ya, I get no respect. Not from Americans, and not from foreign nationals, that's for damn sure. I'm having a great time with GermanoftheMonth, so I took him to Happy Hour in Brooklyn last night. This was a bit of a production, first he insisted on working until 6:30pm. Then we went to his apartment so he could change up. Then I took him for his first trip on the subway which included lessons on buying tickets and navagating the system.

GOTM is a funny guy. Not "funny" as in "fruity"; not "funny for a German" he is just hilarious and he makes me laugh all the time. In English. And usually these jokes are at my own expense. I tell myself, it's good that he feels comfortable enough with me to joke around and tease me. And besides, I give it right back.

When we finally got to my apartment, he read the apartment number on my door. "1LF" he said. "What does that stand for? One Little Freak?" I could go on and on with stories like this.

Meanwhile, our buddy Jesse at Confetti in my Hair introduced me to BlogExplosion, a site where you can promote your blog and earn credits to increase your traffic. They also have a feature called "Battle of the Blogs" where you wager credits and put your blog up agains another blog. Then 15 people vote on who has the better blog and the winner takes the credits. So I participated in my first battle yesterday going against a guy who's whole blog "thang" was to just post photos he had taken. And. I. Lost.

Jesse, my Battle of the Blogs sensei, tried to console me by telling me that I only lost 7-8 but I also know that he and his friend voted for me. I actually felt horrible when I got the email notification that I lost. Next time, I sweep the leg!!


the addict said...

hey! Always fun to meet another Brooklynite in the blogosphere. I'm from Sheepshead Bay.

Don't feel bad about Battle of the Blogs...I think my blog is great but it's been defeated a bunch of times. I think I always lose when men are voting...considering my blog is about makeup, LOL!

Stop by sometime...


jesse said...

Tis the devil's game.

Leah said...

I would have voted for you, because you win, and you shouldhave won.

A said...

please come back. ven aqui por favor.