Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Very Useless German

I subscribe to a German Word-of-the-Day email list because I thought it would be helpful. However, the words they send me are words like "cheese", "mother", and "coat". Believe it or not, I already know these words. Give me a little credit, please. But, I am too damn lazy to unsubscribe. So everyday I open the email hoping that this time they will tell me how to say "senior debt lender" or "non-consumer branch" and everyday I am disappointed. Except for this morning.

Copied verbatim from email:

Word of the day: das Trampereck

English: hitchkiking corner

Example Phrase Using Today's Word: Da ist das Trampereck.

Translation: That is the hitchhiking corner.

Someone at the German Word-of-the-Day List is really phoning it in.

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lebrookski said...

oh i cannot contain the laughter...