Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Good Old Golden Rule Days

I don't really understand the New York City Public Schools. For example, I don't understand how they figure out their districting. Also, are all the kids I see in uniforms going to private schools or are there any public/ charter schools in the city that require uniforms?

Anyway, my point is school is back in session and that means that in the morning as I walk to catch my train, kids are coming up from the subway on their way to school and they look just adorable. I love seeing kids on their way to school in the morning because even though I am less than jazzed to be going to work, at least I can congratulate myself, hey, at least I'm not on my way to school!

This beautiful morning, as I was walking towards the B/Q station, I encountered two young boys in their uniforms, grey pants, white dress shirts and red flannel paid ties. They were about 10 years old and I smiled just to see them as some girls ducked into a convience store to buy candy bars for breakfast. A third boy, lagging behind them called out, "Hey Eddie, wait up!"

Right as I was passing them, the cute little boy, Eddie presumably, called back over his shoulder, "Go suck on a penis, you slut!" A big laugh escaped my lips, but I managed to stiffle half of it.

"Come over here, and I will!"

"That's what your father is for, son!"

[Cue music] I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way ...

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Candicissima said...

It's both. Elementary/junior high kids at public schools have the option of buying uniforms -- usually blue and yellow (at least in my day) and there are, of course, a million little private schools with their own school colors. Districts have nothing to do with it.