Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Friends are in Magazines, I am Still Nobody

This past weekend, LaHipster and I saw Thumbsucker at the Loew's Lincoln Center Cineplex. It was a really great movie, although I thought it was too long. Then again, I think all movies these days are too long. Either movies are getting unnecessarily longer, or adult-onset ADD has finally caught up to me. Neither one would would surprise me.

After the movie we went next door to Barnes and Noble and were browsing around the "Newsstand" which is what you might call the "Periodical Section" if you were in a library. I said, "Oh, hey, I need to look for the new issue of Jane. My friend EdithVed is going to be in the new issue, she was one half of the Blind Date couple." So, I went in search of the October issue of Jane. Sure enough, there is cutie little EdieVed, and the dull drip they set her up with. Now, here is the biggest problem with this piece: the photos are too small! There's a small photo of my friend and her blind date in the side bar, and then about thirty photos from the date but they are tiny and you can't see how totally cute my friend is! And, since the entire three hour date has been distilled to a quick one page write up, you don't really get a clear impression of either of these two people.

So LaHipster wanders up and I'm about to tell her, 'look, my friend is in a magazine' when I notice that LaHip is also holding a magazine that is open to a two page spread of LaHipster sitting in her apartment.

"That's you!!" I say, very astutely. "Oh my God, let me see!"

So, as opposed to the thirty mini-photos of EdithVed, here is a beautiful two page photo of LaHipster in her apartment for a magazine that LaHip describes as "Design for Dummies". Her collection of fleamarket and "found" art is being showcased. Both LaHip and her apartment look great! There's another photo of the Hipster on the page introducing the article and she looks adorable in that as well. I am very happy for both of my friends, but I also can't help thinking, um guys, when do I get to be in a magazine?

This reminds me, I just saw Hooly over the weekend. Hooly recently got back from Vegas where the documentary she was working on for PBS had its premiere. She told me that she and some friends were sitting on some rooftop lounge and they ordered a round of drinks. When the bill came, her martini cost $21. $21 for one martini! And she said it wasn't even very good. That totally freakin' blew my mind. Ah, the wages of fame.

So, the point is, my friends are going places. Fortunately, I am not too proud to ride on anyone's coattails.


A said...

like i said i'm famous for being single. whoopee! feel free to ride my coattails. we'll be making stops at the express line in the grocery store, Blockbuster video on a friday night, & a javascript html class. maybe hooters too. i can't know why i'm still single either. thanks for the added fame though. A shout out on your blog is better than 8 million tiny photos in JANE.

Kari said...

I bought a design for dummies magazine this past weekend, because it showed a girl who draws what she is going to pack when she goes on a trip. I do that too, because it helps me ‘see’ what I don’t need and what I am forgetting. No one would ever want to see our house in a magazine though, which is why I look at those kinds of magazines, too see what I can’t have/afford – but this drawing girl – she is clever if I do say so myself. And drawing works no matter what your budget is!

LaHipster said...

somebody tell kari that's the mag I'm in.